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The Firefly Collective; a circle of inspired creators, artisans and WAHM's who shared a collaborative vision in blending their talents to present to you a mixing pot, a treasure trove, a pandora's box; a special place where you will find a whole lot of fabulous!

All items you find within are hand crafted pieces of art that started as a seed in the mind, have been produced & grown by the heart, been blessed & watered by a soul.

While each business is a stand alone business, here we will still be individual stores selling from the one site (like a 'hyena/congo cart' system) and collectively we hope to provide you a different shopping experience, one which we promise will be fun as you travel down its path, take our hand we hope you enjoy the journey.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flattery nappies come to Firefly!!

Hi I'm Tracey - the behind the scenes embodiment of my baby "Flattery".

After what feels like a lifetime of sewing clothing for my children, well nearly 12 years anyway, my store Flattery went live in early 2009. I started out with clothing and MCNs but due to demand the Nappy side of the business took off on a whirlwind ride.

I now sell from the Darling Diapers Unlimited Patters, front snap, side snap, All-in-1, All-in-2, fitteds, covers and pockets. I still sew clothes for my own children so will be using Firefly Collective as a bit of a creative outlet from that side of things.

I love sewing custom nappies because I can make my customer's dream come true, but you know sometimes I am overwhelmed with the urge to create something, something that has popped into my head at some odd time and needs to be let out.

My store Flattery stocks custom slots and pre-orders - but if you would prefer to get your hands on an in-stock item that will be posted straight away then Firefly Collective is the place to shop - perfect - instant gratification!!

Oh and just in case anyone was wondering where I got the business name from, my surname is Flaherty - pronnounced more like "Fla-ri-ti" but quite often am called Mrs "Flattery" - I always thought it was cute and thought it went perfectly with "Flattering" clothes and nappies :D

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