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The Firefly Collective; a circle of inspired creators, artisans and WAHM's who shared a collaborative vision in blending their talents to present to you a mixing pot, a treasure trove, a pandora's box; a special place where you will find a whole lot of fabulous!

All items you find within are hand crafted pieces of art that started as a seed in the mind, have been produced & grown by the heart, been blessed & watered by a soul.

While each business is a stand alone business, here we will still be individual stores selling from the one site (like a 'hyena/congo cart' system) and collectively we hope to provide you a different shopping experience, one which we promise will be fun as you travel down its path, take our hand we hope you enjoy the journey.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dare to Dream....

It's been a fun inspiration so far, and we thank Nicole for suggesting this inspiration during our competition last year.

We are also very excited to have some guests with us this month.  Charlie Rose nappies, Outback Nappies and Wings and Things.  I'm not sure which guest item is my favourite this month.  Maybe this one from Charlie Rose Nappies.

And I love these planes from Outback Nappies.

 And I know my daughter would love this from Wings and Things.

I'm sure you'll all find something you love :).

So I guess you're wondering who has first dibs for this stocking?  It's number 157, Rochelle Palmer!  We will contact you via Facebook. Please let us know what you'd like by 8pm tonight.  

Thank you to everyone who has played first dibs with us, and to those who enjoy seeing the preview pics, and to those who continue to support us each week.

I can't wait until the next inspiration.  Definitely my favourite ;) ~ Peggy, Three Little Treasures

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