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The Firefly Collective; a circle of inspired creators, artisans and WAHM's who shared a collaborative vision in blending their talents to present to you a mixing pot, a treasure trove, a pandora's box; a special place where you will find a whole lot of fabulous!

All items you find within are hand crafted pieces of art that started as a seed in the mind, have been produced & grown by the heart, been blessed & watered by a soul.

While each business is a stand alone business, here we will still be individual stores selling from the one site (like a 'hyena/congo cart' system) and collectively we hope to provide you a different shopping experience, one which we promise will be fun as you travel down its path, take our hand we hope you enjoy the journey.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The very first stocking, it's just like Christmas!

Well, it's nearly time for the inaugural launch of the FireFly Collective website, excited? I am! Bit nervous too I might add, though I am astounded by the amount of followers we have on facebook (467 presently) & that is very encouraging! I hope you enjoy what you see tonight, we've all worked hard but with excitement & inspiration! Anyhoo, enough talking - get away from here & get over there!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I am Clare, owner of Bubba Moo Modern Cloth Nappies and More. Mum of three ( 2 big ones and 1 little one).

I love creating and I love sewing, so when I discovered modern cloth nappies, I quickly got involved in researching fabrics, and creating my own design and making a dream come to life.

On my website I always have plenty of stock, I try to remake nappies as they sell, but I also do custom orders for almost anything you and I can create together.

I have just purchased an exclusive license to make and sell Monkey pants, these are the cutest pant EVER! I will be launching them on the fireflies website, then stocking Bubba Moo with them.

Photo from the pattern makers website

I am so honoured and excited to be part of the firefly collective, with all these talanted WAHMs

Green Bums @ Fireflies

Hi! I'm Allison - mum of 2 boys, and the owner of Green Bums nappies.

I have both my boys in Cloth Nappies, and never tire of seeing fluffy mail arrive! After trying many different types of nappies I found one in particular I loved - Green Bums. What I loved most about them was the quick dry AI2 design, and the budget-friendly pricing. At that time the business was owned by another WAHM, but not long after that I noticed it was for sale and I jumped at the chance to own this brand. While I have been working on improvements to a few aspects of the nappy design, I do not plan on changing our mission to be a "budget friendly stash filler". I believe that sometimes you just want something to get the job done, but there's no reason why that something can't be a little cute, and hand made by an Aussie WAHM.
I am extremely excited to be part of the Firefly Collective. All the women in this group are creators and business owners that I respect and admire for so many reasons and I am loving the chance to work with them. I am also looking forward to creating some items a little different from those I usually make. Happy Shopping!

Fluff E. Stuff!

Hi! I am Leah, sole owner, operator, purchaser, merchandiser, IT tech, customer service, bookkeeper, seamstress and all around crazy mom behind Fluff E. Stuff! I am the mother of 2 little ones. Both my children have had their bums wrapped in cloth since the beginning, even my little preemie princess. I have enjoyed sewing for over 20 years and sewing MCNs for nearly 5!

At Fluff E. Stuff, you'll find Funk E! cotton outer AI2s that don't wick!

I am the Australian Licensee for Little Half Moon side snap nappies and I was the first Australian FattyCakes seamstress.

I have a bit of a fabric addiction, I love nothing more than working with beautiful, high quality, designer fabrics. At Fluff E. Stuff I offer custom spots where you choose the fabric you love, I don't ask you to settle for what I have on hand, so let your creative juices flow!

I am excited to be a part of such a lovely group of woman, bringing you the Firefly Collective; all your favourite designers in one place! I will be stepping out of my comfort zone with the Collective and bringing you something a bit different. My New Beginnings inspiration will be the launch of my new nappy, designed by me! Lil' Squishies are NB/S nappies with an adjustable rise, so you can have newborn nappies that last longer than a week!

I hope you get as much joy from this new endeavor as we do!

Flattery nappies come to Firefly!!

Hi I'm Tracey - the behind the scenes embodiment of my baby "Flattery".

After what feels like a lifetime of sewing clothing for my children, well nearly 12 years anyway, my store Flattery went live in early 2009. I started out with clothing and MCNs but due to demand the Nappy side of the business took off on a whirlwind ride.

I now sell from the Darling Diapers Unlimited Patters, front snap, side snap, All-in-1, All-in-2, fitteds, covers and pockets. I still sew clothes for my own children so will be using Firefly Collective as a bit of a creative outlet from that side of things.

I love sewing custom nappies because I can make my customer's dream come true, but you know sometimes I am overwhelmed with the urge to create something, something that has popped into my head at some odd time and needs to be let out.

My store Flattery stocks custom slots and pre-orders - but if you would prefer to get your hands on an in-stock item that will be posted straight away then Firefly Collective is the place to shop - perfect - instant gratification!!

Oh and just in case anyone was wondering where I got the business name from, my surname is Flaherty - pronnounced more like "Fla-ri-ti" but quite often am called Mrs "Flattery" - I always thought it was cute and thought it went perfectly with "Flattering" clothes and nappies :D

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fluffy Bubs and the Firefly Collective

I'm Peggy, creator of Fluffy Bubs and known for its fabulously funky functional fluffy masterpieces that feature a versatile range of night nappies, OSFM Minky nappies, plus a small range gorgeous designer cotton clothing pieces.

I'm a Mum of two gorgeous and active boys (4 and 2), plus a princess to add to the clan at the end of June. I'm excited to be part of such a wonderful group of WAHM's and have the chance to create!

I can't wait to show you what I have installed for the Firefly Collective. The inaugural stocking has been inspired by 'New Beginnings', and I couldn't think of anything more special than to introduce the very first side snapping AI2 Minky Days. This is a very special 'combo' nappy and oh so cute! Plus, there's another nappy that has been inspired by 'spring', and time permitting, I may have an appliqued nappy for you too.